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2NE1 (Korean: 투 애니원; pronounced “to anyone”[1] or “twenty-one”[2]) is a South Korean girl group created by YG Entertainment. First appearing in a Cyon commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Telecom, their debut single “Fire” was released on May 6, 2009.


The group was first mentioned by the press in late 2008, when rumours were spreading that YG was creating a female version of Big Bang named Sista. In response to those rumours, YG Entertainment President Yang Hyun Suk stated that the name was not chosen yet.[3] In January 2009, it was announced that the “Female Big Bang” would debut around July 2009 with three members — CL, Minzy, and Bom.[4]Later that month, YG stated that Sandara Park joined the group, with one more member to follow.[5] In the end, YG Entertainment announced that the group would consist of four members and debut sometime in May 2009.[6] The company stated that the group had trained for 4 years, and that their debut album would contain songs produced by Teddy Park.[4][5][6] The group’s name was initially announced as “21”; however, due to the discovery of a singer with the same name, the group was quickly renamed “2NE1” which stands for “New Evolution of the 21st Century”. “NE” meaning “New Evolution” and “21” standing for the “21st Century”..[7]

[edit]Early 2009- Mid 2009: Introduction and debut

2NE1’s first song was “Lollipop“, digitally released on March 27, 2009.[6] The song was created for LG to promote their Cyon phone, and it was a joint release with Big Bang; the commercial/music video debuted on March 28, 2009.[8] Although it was not a promoted single (as it was an advertisement song, there were problems with network chart eligibility[9]), “Lollipop” proved to be a strong chart hit, going to #1 on various online charts[9] and topping music television network M.Net’s online chart for four weeks in a row.[10] However, questions were raised about the group’s future, as the song’s success was attributed to the popularity of Big Bang.[11]

On April 30, Yang Hyun-suk revealed that 2NE1’s debut song would be a hip-hop/reggae song, and that it would be digitally released on May 6, 2009.[12] Titled “Fire”, the song was fully written and produced by 1TYM‘s Teddy Park.[13] Teasers of the song were released on their official website at the beginning of May, with a 20-second clip released on May 1.[14]

“Fire” was released as planned on May 6, with two versions of the music video — a “space” version and a “street” version — released the same day.[15] The videos received over one million views in a day;[16] the viewcount then increased to two million.[17] The video was also profiled on Perez Hiltons blog.[18]

The group’s first performance of the song was on May 17, 2009, on SBS‘s Inki Gayo.[17] beginning the group’s activities. Their first performance was also included in Perez Hilton’s blog once again, showing his interest towards the group.

Both the song and the group have been very popular online, with the song topping M.Net’s online chart and the group’s name becoming a top search term.[19] The group was also rewarded with three Cyworld Digital Music Awards, with both “Lollipop” and “Fire” winning “Song of the Month” awards and the group winning “Rookie of the Month” for May 2009.[20] They received their first Mutizen award during their fourth stage performance in SBS Inkigayo (Popular Song) on June 14, 2009. They received their second Mutizen award on SBS Inkiagyo (Popular Song) on June 21, 2009.

Along with their awards successes, 2NE1 signed a deal with Fila to become the new models for their commercial campaign 2 days after 2NE1’s Mutizen win.[21]

It was announced that 2NE1 would be heading over to the United States to work on their album, as Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine showed interest in the group; however, they have no plans to debut in North America.[22]

[edit]1st Mini-Album

2NE1 ended their promotions for their debut single “Fire” on the 28th of June on SBS Inkigayo. On the 1st July, they released their title song out of their 1st Mini-Album, called “I Don’t Care”, online. It is a totally different side and image of 2NE1, since “I Don’t Care” is a reggae R&B ballad, co-produced by YG’s rising producer Teddy and Kush. Kush is from a reggae group called “Stony Stunk”. After its digital release, interest in the song rose greatly, topping Cyworld’s hourly music chart after an hour of its release. Besides “I Don’t Care”, there will be 4 other new songs featured on the mini album from a total of 7 tracks. The official release date of “2NE1 1st Mini-Album” will be on the 8th of July.[23]

(The Member Profiles will be listed in another page.)


Years: Awards:

2009               Cyworld: Rookie Of the Month

Cyworld: Song of the month “Lollipop” (April)

Cyworld: Song of the month “Fire” (May)

SBS Inkigayo Mutizen

2nd SBS Inkigayo Mutizen


Album Information Track Listing
Lollipop (Cyon CF Song)

  • Released: March 272009
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: YG Entertainment
  • Producer: Teddy Park
  1. Lollipop (Big Bang & 2NE1)
Fire (Debut Digital Single)

  • Released: May 62009
  • Format: Digital
  • Label: YG Entertainment
  • Producer: Teddy Park
  1. Fire
2NE1 (1st Mini Album)

  • Released: July 82009
  • Format: CD, Digital
  • Label: YG Entertainment
  • Producer: Teddy Park, Kush
  • Sales: TBD
  • Singles: “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”
  1. Fire
  2. I Don’t Care
  3. In The Club
  4. Let’s Go Party
  5. Pretty Boy
  6. Stay Together
  7. Lollipop (Bonus Track)

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