2NE1 at SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate

Yes! The girls are back! After being one of the biggest winner in MNETs 20’s Choice Awards along with Lee Hyori, they’ve come back to perform ‘I Don’t Care’ at SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate.

and whoaa! It was amazing! The girls were all so energetic. Especially CL and Bom. The were adorkable <3

They each performed a song or danced to a song from one of the artists that had inspired each of them.

CL chose Lauryn Hill and talkign about her dad, ‘This was a song that my dad had made me listen to since I was little so I naturally got the influence from it’

Minji chose Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson and also expressed her grief for MJ’s recent death saying,”For a person like me who like to dance, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake are my greatest role models. I’m sad that Michael Jackson had to leave the world.’

Bom chose Mariah Carey saying, ‘You don’t even how much I listened to Mariah Carey and Beyonce while I was in America studying. I started buliding my dreams as a signer through them’

Dara chose Jennifer Lopez stating that she liked her style very much, ‘I liked Jennifer Lopez’s music and her style so she naturally became my role model as I sang along with her music’

Watch the performance:

ohmygod!!! this was sexyyy!! hahahaha 2NE1 is amazing!! Bommie might be shy in front of the cameras or whatever but when she’s on the stagee! DAMN! It’s amazing! 2NE1 is so talented! hahaha They can definitely do hip-hop! Minzy..give those old perv. men a break! Stop being so hot! hahaha! …ii can image the rudeful and hateful comments the netizens are going to make now..

I am loving all these ‘Fire’ performances! I missed them performing it!
The girls are so much energetic in a way! whoa! And the dancing on the rain? too hot for words!

Here’s a rap by CL presenting the 2NE1 members!

Then, [AGAIN] Solo Performances but with better quality:


~ by ztrehiita on August 29, 2009.

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