Boys Over Flowers’ Lee Min Ho spotted in a Ferrari with Dara!

20090826_ferrari_f430Rumors have been going around that Boys Over Flowers Star, Lee Min Ho, will be doing a commercial for Cass Bear with Dara!  But it is just a rumor as no staff or either have confirmed it yet. There’s not much to say but I will leave you guys a fan account that some one posted!

An afternote from one fan who was in the Cass CF filming spot on 8/25 
English translated by 

As the date of my departure is tomorrow(27th), I was packing up my luggage as keeping away from MH. 

But I heard MH was taking a Cass CF with Sandara at only 5 minutes distance from my house. I flung my clothes on as I reached out and ran as fast as I can. I almost arrived there in just 1 minute. 

MH didn’t come there yet. 

People said that they saw MH’s car, I walked to the Cadillac but MH was in the dressing(make-up) car. His manager, staff members and coordinators were coming and going near the car. 

Very soon the dressing car door was opened lightly and MH the shining got out of the car. 

Today he wore brown hair, a see-through hood jacket and a black sleeveless T-shirt. Also he wore printing skinny pants and Dr. Martens shoes that Jandi wore in BOF. (baka hiniram na lang yung sapatos kay Ate.. )

There were few fans near my place, I tried to talk to MH but staffs forbade me. However, I couldn’t miss my chance to talk to MH. When MH went away from my view, I shouted “Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work (Have fun)”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Then MH looked at me up and down after turning back. (My appearance: no make-up face, short jeans and a hood attached on jacket) 

He answered “Aha~Yes~” 
Oh, my~ 

MH drove and got out of the red sporty car very sexily, widely and chicly. 

He leaned on the car. Two beautiful girls walked toward MH and linked arms with him as if they suggested to go somewhere together. MH said something with Junpyo’s own chic and bothered expression, and then the girls went away. Only this scene was taken over and over again. 

The staff member held me off since I moved to the good place to see MH more closely. So I had a quarrel with the staff member and my foot was stepped on by the people. 

I was looking at MH closely as I stood on the nice place, my mom called me. 
“Mom ~ MH is here!!!!. MH is near my house. I wanna see him!!!!!” 
“You got lost~ You will depart tomorrow.” my mom’s words over the phone 

Anyway my mom said to me that she was coming to pick me up. .but I couldn’t leave there right away 

“How can I leave since MH is here?.”.MH is just in front of my house “… MH came here… 

While almost shedding tears, I looked at MH standing behind the dressing car to a distance. 

Suddenly MH was walking toward me!!!!!! I was drawing back involuntarily. But I just thought I couldn’t miss this time. 

When MH was close at hand, there was nobody near there. 
“Oppa, you did a good job!!! …” but his voice sounded exhausted contrary to it ago, 

And I met my mom that tried to pull me in her night clothes, to come back home right now and giving me a jaw from her.^^ (LOL)

From the photo, the driver was MH and Sandara sat beside him in the red car.
I think they seemed to hold a rehearsal first. 

In the real filming, LM arrived there at 12.a.m 

According to those who were in the filming spot, there were some scenes filmed such as a scene in the sports car, MH being surrounded by extra girls, running with people, sprinkling water & Cass beer and walking to Sandara’s concert

The CF filming was finished over next morning 6 a.m

CR: loveminho +


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  1. that is such a fanfic. hahaha. =P

    But the picture? that I’m not sure. but maybe? haha.

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