2NE1 is polyglot!

Don’t know what a polyglot is?

Well thank God for wikipedia!

Polyglot (person), someone who aptly and with a high level of fluency uses many languages. The word derives from the Ancient Greek πολύγλωττος (poluglōttos, “’many-tongued, polyglot’”), from πολύς (polus, “many”) + γλῶττα (glōtta, “’tongue, language’”)

And in this case 2NE1 is someone who aptly and with a high level of fluency uses SIX languages.

Whoaa. That’s right. 6 languages. And I thought I was smart for being bilingual. Haha just kidding.

In a recent interview with KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ which aired on August 22nd, the girls revealed, after being aksed by reporter Kim TaeJin,  that in all they know how to speak up to 6 languages, ‘We know 6 foreign languages from Tagalog, to French, to English to Japanese.’

To prove it, Dara introduced herself in Tagalog, followed by CL introducing herself in French, and Minji finishing in Japanese.

The girls also talked about the role each have in the group. CL, as expected is the umma (Mom), Bom is in charge of the aegyo (cutesy), Dara is the atmosphere maker, and Minji is in charge of roasting bread in their bedroom.

Adorable <3

Thanks to wkdcjftn, you can watch the interview here and also get a sneak peak at the 11st CF:


~ by ztrehiita on August 22, 2009.

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