Uncensored pics from 2NE1 TV!

A lot of comments have been written by netizens about the recent blurred images that have appeared in 2NE1 TV. First, blurring out a hand sign that GD made while letting us take a peek and giving us a preview of a track in his solo album, HeartBreaker, then the blurred picture in Minji’s pj pants.

Thanks to 21evo, here are the uncensored pics.


After hearing the negative comments made by netizens the MNET staff confessed that ‘we were flustered and speechless.’

Also, voicing their opinion Choi PD to the show said, “We didn’t thought that it was a sign of swearing or sorts after looking at the video. But because we foresee that people will play around with that image using photoshop and post them up on internet and so we decided to mosaic it out.” [GD’s hand gesture]

Also, arousing interest and more negative comments were the prints found on Minji’s pj pants were an orange carebear seemed to be hitting the blue care bear’s ‘special area’. Many wondered if it was appropiate attire for a 15-year old.

2NE1 TV continues to air fine..and hopefully there will be no more misunderstandings like GD’s hand gestures and that the stylist be more careful of his choosing of clothes.


~ by ztrehiita on August 21, 2009.

One Response to “Uncensored pics from 2NE1 TV!”

  1. I think it’s really no big deal. They’re just clothes

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