Dara wears naughty carebears as well…

Recently, a lot of talks and comments made by netizens have aroused interest on Minji’s carebear pants.


But it seems that Minji is not the only one to wear some naughty carebears on her pants. Netizens [obsessed as they are] have found pictures of Dara wearing the same pants in white. YG Entertainment, in response to these events, have responded the following way,

We thought it was just an innocent Care Bear. We had no idea that it was this type of image, we only realized after the captures went up on the internet and we regret it. Moving forward, we will make sure to be more careful of the clothes that they wear.’

Here is a closer look at Dara’s pants:


What do you think? Since she is 25 years old and an adult, is it fine to wear those pants? Or should she be more careful for the sake of her kid fans?


~ by ztrehiita on August 21, 2009.

One Response to “Dara wears naughty carebears as well…”

  1. yngat poh lageh………

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