Add Choi Minhwan of FT Island to Dara’s list of fanboys!

Jung Jinwoo ->Ideal Girl [Dara]

On this weeks KBS Joy ‘Ent News-VIP Interview’  which will air August 21st, the FT Island members revealed their ideal girl.

In which FT Island drummer and maknae, Choi Minhwan revealed, ‘2NE1’s Sandara Park catches my eyes lately. Even though I never got to talk to her, I like her. If there is time, I want to have tea with her’ earning him applause from his fellow members.

This is not the first time some one has revealed to think of Dara as their ideal girl. Yet another maknae revealed on KBS Joy that Dara was their ideal girl. 2AM’s Jung Jinwoo when asked, without hesitation, replied it was Dara of 2NE1.

Hmm..It seems that Dara is pretty popular among the maknaes of boy groups huh? One thing is for sure..Dara is one very pretty noona then.


~ by ztrehiita on August 21, 2009.

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