Week Review [08.20.09]

Sorry for not updating guys..but I haven’t had access to a computer for the last couple of days.

Sinc ethis happened..I don’t have as much hits. I am looking for an ACTIVE BLOGGER to join YG Evolution. So as to not lose hits, a recruitment of active bloggers is happening. I’m looking for 2-4 new staff members. if you’re interested leave a comment or send an email to either ygevolution@hotmail.com or my_sweet_heart_296@hotmail.com.

2NE1 is truly the hottest girl group these days (no pun on ‘Fire’ intended XD) After winning 1st place in music programmes 5 times in a row, 2NE1 continues to bring in average 3.699% in viewer ratings for their own 2NE1 TV, which documents their lives. Now, they are the latest favorites by companies for endorsement and advertisements.

It has been announced this morning that 2NE1 will be the exclusive models for open market mall 11st. According to the branding team leader of 11st, ‘2NE1 is different from the typical girl groups concept and their fashion style appeals not only to the teens but also the 20s and 30s. They have the professional image that women likes and this is similar to 11st’s brand image.’

In response, YG Entertainment said ‘Even though 2NE1 is a new group, they have made a strong impact on audience and alot of companies have approached us with model proposals. Although 2NE1 TV is only broadcasted once a week, viewership is high and hence they are popular candidates as TV ad models.’

CR: hankudrama.isgreat.org & rukir@ygladies


~ by ztrehiita on August 20, 2009.

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