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Here is a very LONG post about a fan meeting Dara when she was in Manila.

But first, here are the pictures of the presents they bought her and the rest of YG Family.


[Car] sample gift for my Big Bang boys…. This one’s for Kwon Leader!

[Bom -Pink Bracelet-] Some pink-colored capiz-ish bangle. Because she doesn’t have enough bracelets.

[CL -Black & Yellow Necklace-] Accessory of win. Beads worn by the indigenous people of the north. Or south. I dunno anymore. Please wear it in one of your perfs, girl!

[Dara -Purse-] A lacey wallet kinda jewel holder thingy. Something Filipinas used a long time ago when they’d go to church. I think. (Shuddup we bought it in a Filipino crafts store).

[Minji -Hat-] Farmer’s hat with the word Philippines on it…

Enjoyy! Are you going to be able to read it all? Kekeke.

So earlier this week, my gay officemate mentioned that 2NE1’s Dara Park was coming to Manila by Thursday. I mean, if I wasn’t in a meeting for 12 hours and 8 hours on two consecutive days respectively, I would’ve went “YEY! Whoo! Win!”, but I had work up to my nostrils and I just… couldn’t get myself to show excitement. Afterall, she was an artista for 4 years here and I didn’t really care that much.

But yesterday, while on a shoot, I thought it would be a good chance for us to meet with her and talk about the Kpop Con. And with that realization, I pulled all the strings I can to get me and the girls to meet Dara.

I called a good friend and blockmate from ABSCBN Interactive to get us in. I threatened a friend from MYX and told him he’s dead meat if we don’t get in. I called up friends from the ABSCBN local prod dept. and asked if they could throw their weight around and well, get us in. Needless to say, my efforts paid off.

This was Wednesday afternoon. That night, I met up with Mishi so we could buy gifts for 2NE1 in behalf of Cass Ph (the Kpop con organizing commitee) and I bought personal gifts, too for BIGBANG, which I thought I could ask Dara to give them. Fangirl fail!

However, let me bring you back to reality and remind you again that I HAVE A JOB. A CAREER. As much as I like to froth my mouth and spend my time ogling idols, I seriously caught my self stopping and asking why the hell was I spending precious time on this. I mean, c’mon, we are preparing for Macau this Sunday and here I was thinking about what gifts we should give the YG crew. -______-

Anyhows, so I asked my boss if I could leave early from work to you know, MEET SANDARA PARK. I expected him to say NO WTF YOU CAN’T WE HAVE LOADS OF WORK TO DO so imagine how hard I fell off my chair when his eyes lit up and he asked, “OMG CAN I JOIN!??!?!” No shit. He did. And I was like “OF COURSE NOT! I’LL BE WITH FANGIRLS WTH!!!” And so after a petty argument, he was just like “Well, whatever. Just make sure you get me a personal greeting. With my complete name.”

WAT. He listens to 2NE1, btw and is crushing on Bom. I LOVE MY EMPLOYER. ^_^

So let’s go back to me and Mishi buying stuff for the 2NE1 girls. One thing you gotta know about me and that friend is that we’re as similar as a leaf and an iPod (me being the iPod, of course). We were bickering with each other 15 minutes before the mall closing because we couldn’t decide on what to give them. She wanted a bag, I thought it was gay. I wanted to give a coconut-summin’ summin’, she said it doesn’t fit their image. WHAT. THE. CRAP. I don’t even know how we managed to even finish shopping!!!!!! In the end we ended up getting them these:

[The pictures of the gifts]

– reading break – are you bored yet? No? Read on for more lulz and fail.

So we got to ABS CBN and met Hannah there at around 4:00. Again, our purpose was not to fangirl but to inform her of the Kpop con and such. It wasn’t a fan meet event and there were no other fans (if there were, well, it’s mostly the staff and maybe some friends). In fact, I specifically asked the girls to wear something… not-so-corporate-but-getting-there clothes. I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO DID NOT COMPLY. PWNED. I mean, I could’ve gone as the 5th member of 2NE1 but unfortunately, the bad weather earlier this morning gave me the middle finger and I decided to come as… a very green person.

My friend from Interactive, AG was really disappointed when she saw me though.

Kring: Uhm, I was just shitting with you, dude!!
AG: You never shit about things like that!!! YOU USED TO GO TO SCHOOL IN COSTUME, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! *glaring eyes*
Kring: But… I didn’t want to look like an idiot, mmmmkay?
Kring: -_-;;

Kay, just so you guys know, I was never really a big fan of Sandara. You’re probably thinking we didn’t deserve to go there blah blah yaddah yaddah because we are Cassiopeia Philippines, after all. BUT DEAR GAWD, I’VE BEEN A FAN OF 2NE1 SINCE THEY DEBUTED AND CL FUCKIN’ PWNS MY FACE LIKE WHOAH. Plus, I love Big Bang (as you must’ve realized by now) and the YG, too so it’s like… SO MUCH WIN. And we’ve been contemplating since June, I think on changing the name to CassNE1 Ph because the FC heads are just crazy about the eh eh eh eh eh girls!

So Dara came out and we just internally combusted from spazzing. Well, I know I did. There weren’t that many people in the room but it was still intense and tight. And then a staff asked for 2 fans who can get inside the interview room and I was like HOLY SHIT ME ME ME ME ME (chigo shipeo)!!!!! Pao E and I went in first.

Dara was with a manager/roadie and a videocam-carrying eonni. Rumors are going around that it’s for 2NE1TV AND I FUCKING SWEAR I WILL FREAK OUT LIKE A LUNATIC ON DRUGS AND SHIT MY PANTS IF WE EVER APPEAR ON THAT SHOW. dsajfgajklahhflagle. NO EFFING WAIZ MAN. YG TRAINEE FTW!!!!!!

Amongst the confusion and organized chaos, I blurted out “bogoshipeo” when Dara looked my way and Pao E (who lived in Korea for two years) started talking to the eonni in Korean, who gave her “the look” >_>. When our turn ended, Tin Tin and Paoji took over and believe me, we got shitloads of photos and fancam videos.

And then all of a sudden, the staff said we are to present our gifts to Dara, which was being livestreamed on myx. I was like… What? Wait. What? Had I known, we were going to give it to her on cam, I would’ve wrapped the gift less uhm, sloppily (hey, we were wrapping it at 3:30pm). So anyway, we ended up being the reps (yet again) of the fans in Pinas. THANK GOD FOR DRIED MANGOES!!!!!!!!!!

And after I explained to her who those gifts are for, for some reason, I just blurted out “Please tell TOP to marry me.”




I mean, seriously, Kring? Seriously?

Who the hell says things like that?!?! Am I 12 or something?! I could’ve impressed her with my CL impersonation or said “your Filipino fans are excited to see you perform live with the group!” and that’s the best that I could come up with!??!?!? TELL TOP TO MARRY ME!??!?!?!?

I officially fail at life.

She also read our little note to her and somewhere along the way the interview ended and a swarm of employees flocked around her and then manager oppa said it was enough. We didn’t get to talk to her about the Kpop con anymore but heh… I don’t care eh eh eh eh eirrrr. WE GOT SIGNED POSTERS AND CD’S AND SHAT!!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! And we handed her our letter to Mr. YG, yo!

OMG was it tiring and I am still overwhelmed with what happened today! I really enjoyed the experience especially as it was very intimate and professional and there were no fans screaming their lungs out or flashing their boobs or anything.

Dara, thanks  for the visit and for giving us the chance to show you our luuurrvvveee. Please enjoy the dried magoes and the uhm, lacey wallet thingamajig and I hope you’d really give our little gifts to the YG gang (Choi collects toys. He’d love my mini-jeepney ^_^).

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