Park Bom feels lucky to have Big Bang as sunbaes

The “Chit Chat of the Girls” stage that SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1, Kara, and 4minute gathered together on SBS’s summer special for is now over. These girl groups gathered at Inkigayo on August 9th not only to perform, but also to form different categories with other groups’ members, such as “maknae” (youngest member of the group) and “leader” categories, and through this activity they discussed the girl groups’ thoughts and previously unheard stories.

The first category consisted of the maknaes of the groups. KARA’s Kang Jiyoung, when asked what the most tiring thing about being a maknae was, announced the unfairness that “not all the maknaes are able to aegyo (act cutely) very well”, while 4minute’s maknae Kwon Sohyun also said in one sentence to her unnies, “Please cook me food for once,” causing all the girls to start laughing.

Likewise, the leaders also spoke out about their frustrations.

When SNSD’s Kim Taeyeon complained that “the dongsaengs never want to wake up in the mornings,” 2NE1’s CL confessed, “I’m always the last one awake.” CL also cutely said that when her group-mates didn’t follow instructions, she would reason with them using food as incentive.

The next category was all the girl groups’ most envied member. Kara’s Nicole said the thing she envies most about 2NE1’s Park Bom was her “abilities in singing on stage.” However, when asked about what each group was most proud of, Park Bom replied that “The thing we can brag about the most is that Big Bang is our sunbae,” showing her great respect for Big Bang.


Awee! Bommie is so sweet! She really respects theme ven though she’s older than them. Haha. “Always the last one to wake” CL is too adorable for words. Using food as incentive? These girls are so funny and adorable!


~ by ztrehiita on August 10, 2009.

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