“I Don’t Care” gains them a Triple Crown in Mutizen!


Four-girl group 2NE1 has won the Mutizen award on SBS Inkigayo for the third week running.

On the afternoon of August 9th, at SBS Inkigayo’s live broadcast, 2NE1 won the Mutizen award with their album’s hit single, ‘I Don’t Care.’

2NE1 also won the Mutizen before, on July 26th and August 2nd, which means a triple crown for the girls. ‘I Don’t Care’ was also the number one on Inkigayo’s mobile ranking this week.

Leader CL said, “We understand that with 2NE1 being rookies, we are really lucky to have ‘I Don’t Care’ win #1. Thank you to all our fans and everyone who loves us.” Also, CL thanked YG Entertainment and all of 2NE1’s sunbaes, and laughingly said, “The one who remixed today’s version of ‘I Don’t Care,’ Baekkyoung oppa, is the best! Thank you very much.”

2NE1 also won first place four times in a row on KBS Music Bank, and have also reached 100K copies in the production of their first mini-album, obviously showing their immense popularity.


I just had to comment on this one! A Triple Crown! Wow! Even other girl groups that have been around a very long time, haven’t won a Triple Crown and our girls that most definitely don’t look like rookies have already done it in a few months since debut! I’m s oproud of them.  I love how 2Ne1 appreciates and are grateful for their achievements.

“we are really lucky to have “I Don’t Care” win #1. I don’t really think that it’s lucky that they won but that they’re lucky netizens are looking beyond them being ‘rookies’ and judging them by their talent and not time spent on stage.


~ by ztrehiita on August 10, 2009.

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