CL receives ♥ from Baek Ji Young

Singer Baek Ji Young has shown her liking for 2NE1 member CL.

Back Ji Young was on KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly aired on 8th August when she said, “2NE1 CL is really good. We have taken part in the KBS 2TV mid year special episode’s filming together. I would, and I still, worry about appearing awkward if I am to appear on Music Bank one day.”

She continued, “As compared to be being awkward on stage, I would worry about why I am standing on the stage without a purpose. Because of the thought of not wanting to be a dance singer like everyone else.”

“Thinking about all the days gone by, there are many people who understands me through my music. And the unfairness about passing the 20s mark? I have already forgotten. I used to think that it is a peak time. But now I understand that it is not. I’m enjoying this peak time now.”

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young will have her comeback with a European style electro-pop ‘The candy in my ear’ collaborating with 2PM TaekYeon.

She will have her comeback stage on 15th August on MBC Music Core.


Awee. Lots of ppl are appreciating CL’s talents. She is going to do big along 2NE1!


~ by ztrehiita on August 10, 2009.

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