2NE1 to be in their first drama together!

2NE1 Cameo In SBS Style

All four members of 2NE1 will be appearing as cameos on the SBS drama, Style.

2NE1 will be appearing as VIP guests for the 200th edition party for the Style Magazine. They will attend the filming on August 10th.

A representative of 2NE1 said, “We received a call from ‘Style’ asking us to cameo for the drama, and so we agreed happily. Kim Hye Soo and Ryu Si Won are big 2NE1 fans.”

For three out of four members, this will be their first time appearing in a drama. Dara (Sandara) appeared on “Return of Iljimae” and also acted alongside T.O.P in Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” music video. The representative added, “It is the first time that all the members will be appearing in a drama, so all of them are very nervous and excited. However, they are anticipating the filming because the acting will be very natural, not burdensome.”


Ahh! I can’t wait! To be in their first drama together! Wow. They are most definitely not  rookies! I hope they do have some lines and aren’t eye candy though. And I hope the episode is long too! This is our change to see our girl’s acting skills.


~ by ztrehiita on August 10, 2009.

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