Biggest (?) fanboy of CL!

Whoaa! 2NE1 has been getting a lot of lovee from fanboys. 2PM, crazy schoolboys, 2AM, && now this?!?

I am a pretty big bang of 2NE1 && CL [girl crush<3] but ii think this guy takes it homee! He may be THE BIGGEST fanboy of CL ever! Hehehe. Any one think they’re a bigger fanboy?

He even composed (?) a song and posted it on the internet! It went to the tune of Chain Hang Low !

It’s actually good! Some funny lines and he vens shows you how CL is all around him! Apparently, the fanboy’s name is Slime!

Here’s the video:

Video Credit:ygsecret


~ by ztrehiita on July 30, 2009.

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