2NE1 Wins Mutizen; They drop sex appeal for baggy pants; Interview Except Of YG about Dara; Performing at Sukira

This is going to be one LONG post. We have 4 new articles/news! So pay attention!

2NE1 Dumps Sex Appeal for Baggy Pants:

Girl band 2NE1 distinguish themselves from other manufactured combos like Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls with a concept that abandons sex appeal for baggy hip hop pants and studded bracelet instead of miniskirts. It is girls, not boys, who go mad for the “bad girls.”

The band consists of four girls — 25-year-olds Sandara Park and Park Bom, 18-year-old Chae Lee, and 15-year-old Kong Min-ji.

“When we go to open studios where fans come and watch us perform, our fans are mostly girls. It feels good because they seem to like our confident and bold image,” Sandara Park says. “But we are slowly trying to look a bit more feminine on stage. The biggest challenge comes from the fact that all four of us feel awkward at the idea of wearing a skirt.”


All four members of 2NE1 had long years of training before making a debut. “When we were exhausted after long and intensive training sessions, all four of us used to run along the Han River together at night. It would be a lie to say it was easy to wait for so long,” Park Bom says.

The group’s name is a combination of 21st century and the initials of “new evolution.” It represents their ambition to captivate audiences through constant transformation.

Sandara Park [Dara] of 2NE1

Sandara is older than any of the members of Big Bang, which is under the same label as 2NE1 but came out before them. She is closest to G-Dragon and TaeYang. She says, “We used to hang out together when we were trainees,” and “They are younger than I am but they feel like older brothers and I feel like I can depend on them.” But she still feels awkward around the oldest member TOP. “Both of us are quiet and shy and when we’re alone, it gets a bit awkward sometimes,” she says with a smile.

2NE1 Wins a Mutizen Award for “I Don’t Care”

This week’s Inkigayo is 2NE1’s time to grab the Mutizen. They are up against Shinee, 4Minute, Lee Jung Hyun, FT Island, SNSD, and 8eight. This is the second song from 2NE1 that received a Mutizen from Inkigayo. The first one was ‘Fire’ which has received two mutizens, and very close to the ‘Triple Crown’. Last Friday, they also bagged the mutizen at Music Bank. Just 5 weeks of promotion of “I Don’t Care” and they are grabbing awards and recognition here and there.

Watch the Performance and the receiving of the Award Here:

[09.07.26] 2NE1 at Inkigayo

[09.07.26] 2NE1 Wins Mutizen

2NE1 Performing at Radio Show Sukira!!

Sukira Radio broadcast Schedule:

7/27 -live -FT Island & Brown Eyed Girls
7/28- live- PK헤만 VS 길미
7/29 – live – 2AM Changmin vs. Jokwon
7/30 – live- 2NE1
7/31- Clazziquai

Credits: YGEVOLUTION+ygladies+chosun+bigbangkorean.wordpress.com+kbites+katiemailer + CodeMonmonSeason3 (youtube videos)+ allkpop (pics)


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