2NE1 in Entertainment Live (Interview) First Translation on Internet!

The translation was found in YGLadies. It was done by the usesr GDaralover_09.

Video Credit: 2NE1PH

Bianca: I would like to thank my Studio 23 team (giving thanks to the names…blah balah..) because they are those who helped me in Korea to make this interview possible. Here it is. The most waited exclusive interview fresh from Korea with Sandara Park and a special feature on 2NE1, let’s watch it.

dub: Fresh! Hot! Controversial! This is it! Full blast in Korea! Sandara Park’s all out revelation of her main success in Korea and [about] her girl group [or group-mates], 2NE1.

Bianca: Annyeonghaseyo~! Hello E-Live-ers! I’m here in Seoul, Korea. We’re in front of SBS Broadcast company who brought us our favorites [kdramas] such as ‘Only You’ and ‘Lovers in Paris’. Today, we are here to have a chat [interview] with our Philippines’ National Krung Krung ‘Sandara Park’ who we missed so much.


Bianca: Hi Sandara~! Thank you for having time for Entertainment Live.

Dara: Thank you for coming. Hello~! Do you still remember me?

Biana: Ofcourse.

Dara: It’s Sandara~! I missed you all so much..I feel like crying..

Bianca: Your still fluent in speaking Tagalog ha..

Dara: Ofcourse.

Bianca: Earlier we watched [your performance]. It’s like ASAP.

Dara: Every Sunday, we have a show where we sing…

Bianca: It’s beautiful and we didn’t expect that it is live.

Dara: 100%

Bianca: Yah, 100% live.


Bianca:What are those that you really miss in the Philippines?

Dara: I missed [eating] ‘Sinigang na Hipon’

Bianca: Oh really??

Dara: ‘Pinakbet’, ‘Dried Mangoes’, and ofcourse my friends. I’m missing my SCQ friends, SCQ Reload [cast/friends]. Ofcourse I also missed ASAP.

Bianca: Are you still in touch like with your friends in SCQ?

Dara: [I still] e-mail and text (send sms) Roxanne and Melissa. Sometimes we also chat online.

Bianca: We have a game for you. You just have to give your most favorite memory from the picture that you’ll see.

1st picture: Boy Abunda

Dara: Oh~! Tito Boy~! We’re like cats & dogs [meaning to have fights] back on SCQ days but I know he loves me. Hello tito Boy~! I miss you so much~!.

2nd picture: Joross Gamboa

Dara: Ahh~! It’s Joross~! Joross, hello~!

Bianca: What you mostly miss on him [Joross]?


Dara: All [about him]. Because, he’s so funny, naughty. He’s my best friend. I miss him. [to Joross]Are you already rich?

3rd picture: Melissa

Dara: When I visit in the Philippines last year, I sleep-over in their house. I remember that I was scared to his dad.

4th picture: Hero Angeles

Bianca: Ofcourse, all of Hero-San [fans] will be glad. They’re reunited, yehey~!

Dara: Do you know, although we fought…do you know that I have some rumors here in Korea that he became my boyfriend. I keep telling them that we’re just friends and was just only in a love-team back then. Hey~! How are you crazy?


Bianca: In the Philippines, BOF (Boys Over Flowers) is really really famous now there. Do you know any of the cast members personally?

Dara: hm..Geum Jan Di?…She’s also from YG.

Bianca: Really? What’s her real name?

Dara: Her name is Goo Hye Seon

Bianca: That’s the pronunciation..Goo He Sun.

Dara: Yes. She’s also my friend because she’s from YG too. I knew her since 2004.

Bianca: But is she also like that [like Geum Jan Di] in person?

Dara: She’s always like that. Happy [person], have so many talents.

Bianca: And ofcourse, one of the most popular also in the Philippines is Goo Jun [Pyo]. Have you met him in person or see him from a far?

Dara: Nope, not yet. You want [to see him]? (spoke in Korean..I think she’s saying that they are looking for Goo Jun Pyo..don’t know~!)

Bianca:There it is, she ask where he is~! Yah, he’s so famous right now in the Philippines.

Bianca: You just knew that your FIRE MVs are recently playing in MYX. So congratulations.

Dara: Really? Thank you! Thank you!

Bianca: Tell us all about your group. How do you pronounce it?

Dara: Anything.. Tu-eni-wan. I have a CD [album] for you.

Bianca: We saw that, oh wow~! Really?! Complete autographs. I love it. Thank you.

Bianca: Your video[s] in YouTube seems to have 1M hits. Then one of your videos was also posted by the famous blogger Perez Hilton, in his site considering that your group only started last January. It’s really like you’re on your way to the top.

Dara: It’s just like..like only a dream. I still can’t believe that this is happening. [I feel] happy and super thankful.

Bianca: Are you guys planning, you and your group to come in the Philippines like do some shows?

Dara: We’re just waiting.

Bianca: Oh, you’re just waiting. But are you game?

Dara: Yes. We are so game. I would like to have a concert in Araneta [Colosseum]. But we still have to do some guesting in ASAP.

Bianca: Now it’s time to meet the other members of the famous girl group in Korea, 2NE1. They are CL, Bom, and Minzy.

Bianca: Annyeonghaseyo.

2NE1: Mabuhay~! (Long live but mostly used to say hi or hello formally), wazzup we 2NE1~!

CL: Mabuhay~! Ako si CL. (Mabuhay I’m CL)

Bom: Hi~! My name is ahm..Bom Park. I’m the main vocal in 2NE1. (wew~! bom really is the english speaker~!)

Minzy: Ako..Minji. (I Minzy)

Dara: She’s the bunso (youngest/maknae) in our group. She’s just 15 yrs. old.

Bianca: Oh…bunso (youngest)…The one you performed earlier, is that your new single?

Dara: Yes. ‘I Don’t Care’. ♫I don’t care eh eh eh eh eh♫

2NE1: Mahal ko kayo~! (We love you all)

Bianca: Thank you.

It was really more of a Dara interview as you can see as they talked about what she missed, how is she doing, and stuff. But at lesat they got the girls in there for a tiny bit. (:


~ by ztrehiita on July 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “2NE1 in Entertainment Live (Interview) First Translation on Internet!”

  1. 3rd picture: Melissa

    Dara: When I visit in the Philippines last year, I sleep-over in their house. I remember that I was scared to his dad.

    Hey Shoshana! How’re you?
    by the way I’d like to make some corrections I think Dara said she got scared with Mel’s [Melissa] dog not his dad.^^
    And she asked Hero How is he doing now.^^

    • Hey kLeade (:
      Thanks for commenting && the corrections. I didn’t translate these myself but got them from YGL (as stated in the credit).
      I’ll change them && give you credit.
      Thanks ;]]

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