Big Bang’s Kwon Ji Yong [GD] buys CL a strawberry ring!


2NE1 leader CL reveals that Big Bang leader GDragon chose and bought for her personally a strawberry ring.

The 2 leaders seems like the best of friends…

In a recent interview:

This is the girl who would normally stated Madonna, Lauryn Hill, musicians with their own charms and confidence, as the musicians she like. When asked why, she said, “I like, and of course it is the best, for a musician to show off one’s own charms and pose on stage. I want to be like someone who will show off her own charms and yet not force it out too strongly on stage. You can simply just see her existance on stage.”

And when asked if she liked other male musicians other than the 2 stated, she said ‘Big Bang’. She reveals that she gets along with the Big Bang members well and comfortable. CL said, “I’m the closest to Kwon JiYoung oppa. JiYoung oppa is a very affectionate person, there was once he went out to pick an accessory which is a beautiful ring with the shape of a strawberry for me.”

This girl is also writing lyrics and songs during her free time these days. She said, “Even though it is still no up to satisfaction, with all the musical inspirations I get and accumulate, I hope to show to everyone the music I make one day.”

“I’m someone who really cannot express well what is inside my heart. I have yet to say things like ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’ to my fans. But I believe that everyone knows that that is just me who can’t express myself well, but in my heart it is different.”

They seemed really close and you can see a little of a GDragon shadow in her at times too, especially this particular shot that was revealed online recently.


And their friendly hug at 3.48 when 2NE1 won their #1

Credit: Kbites


~ by ztrehiita on July 19, 2009.

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