2NE1 “I don’t Care Performance!” on Inkigayo 7.19.09

The girls performed 7.19.09 at Inkigayo. Unfortunately, this time they didn’t turn out victorious. They lost to the sexy girl group SNSD. This was definitely not one of their best performances. it was okay but the girls all seemed out of character. The intro and acting  was definetely cute but it seemed they got lost. When they sung, their vocals were great but they seemed to be missing that enthusiasm that accompanies them every time they go on stage. And their stylist. I don’t knwo what he was thinking when he dressed Bom and Minji.

Bom has enough sex appeal! Let the girl wear pants or skirts or whatever. Not just an oversized shirt with a tiny red short. And Minji? What was up with that big yellow puffy sleeve? The net passed. It wasn’t that horrible but the sleeve ruined it all.

Dara and CL looked amazing though! Dara with her tiny waist totally pulled of that small jacket and CL looks hot in that kind of blue! Sad that she’s back to her “Fire” hairstyle. I liked the other one better (:

I knwo this isn’t a Fashion blog  and that their apperance may not be AS important as their singing and performance, but you really do need to look great to be AWESOME while performing.

Better Luck Next Time Girls!


~ by ztrehiita on July 19, 2009.

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