Lee Hyori tells Park Bom to drink and go clubbing!

Lee Hyori’s advice for Park Bom of 2NE1, “Go drinking and clubbing too!”

2NE1 was on KBS CoolFM ‘Maybee’s volume up’ on 16th July. And Maybee has asked who the role models to the group are. Park Bom has answered ‘Beyonce and Lee Hyori’.

With that, Lee Hyori had made a surprise phone call. Park Bom has got very excited since she had always answered ‘teacher Lee Hyori’ when asked how her role model is.

Lee Hyori said, “A while back, I sent a message to Bommie encouraging her and telling her she did well with the group’s new song but there was no reply.”

Surprised, Park Bom said, “My mobile phone was changed hence I didn’t receive the message.” Lee Hyori, “When I try to contact my juniors, they all tell me they have changed their numbers.” trying to make the atmosphere comfortable.

When asked what features Park Bom should take after herself, Hyori said, “Bommie is a girl who can go very far but she is a little shy. So go drinking, and have fun, go clubbing too and get to know guys and lead a free lifestyle. Do not confine yourself, try different fashion styles, and try on different markeup, she will be a cooler Bommie than now.”

Credit: YGEVOLUTION and Kbites.


~ by ztrehiita on July 17, 2009.

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