2NE1’s feelings about Big Bang, Yang HyunSeok, & Parodies ; Minji skipping high school?!;

2NE1’s feelings about Big Bang, Yang HyunSeok, & Parodies:

2NE1 revealed about they think about group Big Bang and their president Yang Hyun Seok.

They said in a recent interview, “Yang HyunSeok is like a father to us, he takes care of us and he treats us very warmly.” They said, “He takes care of the details personally from our clothes to ou cheoregraphy. When we meet he would ask ‘have you eaten”, showing us a very fatherly side of him.” They are thankful that Yang HyunSeok is the president of the company who would be with them for at least 1 -2 hours of their 10 hours of practice everyday.


And about Big Bang, they said, “They show us strong support.”2NE1, “Big Bang seonbae are always monitoring our performances, and giving us good advice before we go perfom on stage. They really helped us a lot. Not only do they give us advice, the things they tell us makes us feel better everytime. They are really strong in terms of know-how and experience.”

And when asked what kind of advice they are given, the girls said, “They say like ‘Have fun and go perform’. They also tell us that in the short period of 3 minutes we have on stage, we have to do our best.”

Other bits and pieces of their recent interview:

# Yang HyunSeok and the ‘I Don’t Care’ chereography
The girls revealed that Yang HyunSeok is actually the chereographer behind their new song ‘I Don’t Care’. He came up with the idea of the shaking of fingers for the song with repeated lines of ‘I Don’t Care’ in it.

The members said, “Yang HyunSeok was the one who made the dance with the fingers. You not only move your fingers but also your body along.” CL tried to imitate Yang CEO, “Your fingers and your cuff should not cross each other, and have to be perpendicular.”

The members calls it the ‘Sajangnim (president) dance’. The girls also revealed, “We thought of many names for our dance as we practise them. Like ‘No no no dance’ or ‘I have no interests dance’ are some of the names we came up with, but ‘Sajangnim dance’ was the name we liked best.”

# We like Jang Nara best out of our parodies
Recently we know about 3NE1 formed by Jang Nara, Park KyungRim and Lee SooYoung doing the 2NE1 ‘Fire’ parody, and also MBC Infinite Challenge doing the ‘Lollipop’ parody and DJ Doc members dancing to 2NE1’s song.

2NE1 said, “Even though we did not see the broadcast of the shows, we saw the photos to them. We were shocked that the clothes and accessories looked so alike. We are thankful and amazed that they are able to change all these unique features of us.” They also said that they found the Park KyungRim’s palm tree hairstyle very impressionable.

And Park Bom said, “I liked Jang Nara’s dance the best.” Jang Nara was parodising as Park Bom in their parody. She added, “So I have the habit of spacing out actually.”

Minji Skipping High School?!

2NE1’s magnae Gong Minji has given up entering high school.

Turning 15 this year, Gong Minji reveals to Newsen in an interview that “After I graduate middle school, I’m giving up entering high school”, and “While concentrating celebrity activities, I’m going to prepare for the Qualification Exam.”

Gong Minji’s decision is similar to that of co-company Big Bang’s Daesung and Seungri. Daesung and Seungri both, because of Big Bang activities withdrew from highschool, and focused only on celebrity activities.

Despite their busy celeb schedules, Daesung and Seungri studied very hard independently, and last year, Daesung and this year Seungri succeeded in passing the qualification exam.

YG Entertainment’s side says “Gong Minji made this decision after much pain.”, “She will be studying independently for the qualification exam, and she will not hold back when applying for it.”

original aritcle: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=200907171052121002

For those confused what the qualification exam is:
In Korea, if you give up going to high school, college or university you can basically study independently to take this qualification exam which will allow you to pursue a job in the future (usually as a lawyer) if you pass it. Many celebrities choose this path because its easier than going to school, given their hectic schedules.



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