7.12.09 2NE1 performing “I Don’t Care” on Inkigayo.

Video Credit: YGLadies

-Shoshana (:


How adorablee! When Dara, Bom, and Minji were together && Dara && Minji were talking, Bom snuck a peek at the cameraa && winked at us. ohmgod <3

CL looks so amazingly pretty with her new hairstylee and when she puffed her cheeks it totallyy looked lik ewhen GD did it in the Lies MV! Minji did a little “Fire” dancee! . Dara’s vocals were amazing! Loving her new hairstylee too! she looks even more young! Whoaa!


~ by ztrehiita on July 12, 2009.

One Response to “7.12.09 2NE1 performing “I Don’t Care” on Inkigayo.”

  1. Ah…This performance is better than the ones at the Music Bank. But do you realize that:
    1. CL’s part was taken over by Minzi? It’s the part of “I don’t care e e e e e e”
    2. And Dara’s part was taken over by CL?
    But still it’s great. It’s even better in my opinion.

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