2NE1 Featured on Perez Hilton once again!

Again? Yes! AGAIN! Actually, for the THIRD time 2ne1 has been featured in Perez Hilton’s website.

For the Lollipop article in Perez Hilton’s page, click here –> Some Yummy K-Pop Deliciousness (With Subtitles) !

For the Fire article in Perez Hilton’s page, click here –> Feast on Some K-Pop Goodness!

Now here is the latest 2NE1 article featured in Perez Hilton’s page:

For the atual article click here —>New 2NE1!

Whoaa. If Perez Hilton’s checking them out the girls maay have a succesful debut here in the U.S. (if they ever decide to). Just no more of th Lollipopness! I mean ii love the song (one of my favorites!) but in the U.S. ppl think differently && that type of music wouldn’t be succesful. BUT WHOAA! They are dominating! This so awesomee

&& yeaah. if you clicked on the article you might have seen all those negative comments! wells. they’re missing out on something great! Please dont’ go && start a fight..we all have our own opinions even thouqh we all know that the opinions of thosee people are so wrong. Hehehe.

-Shoshana (:


Ohhs. By the waay. I first saw that 2NE1 had been featured in perez hilton for the third time at ygladies.com but I took the screen picture above && organized the links (:

Just wanted to give credit where credit belongs.


~ by ztrehiita on July 10, 2009.

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