Message from YG

Hello. This is Yang Hyunsuk. Bow~
Today we’re discussing urgent schedules, I’ll keep this short.
Even if it seems as though I am talking without sincerity, I hope that you will be able to understand.

1> About the I DON’T CARE M/V

The music video for “I Dont Care” was originally set to be released online with the song, but due to production setbacks, it has unavoidably been postponed.

The reason we were so greedy?
It was because last Saturday, we proceeded to do an additional filming.
If we’re early, it will be released the same day as 2ne1’s first mini album (July 8th)
Even if we’re late, it seems as though we’ll be able to release it within this week. I’m sorry to have made you wait.

2> I Don’t Care’s first broadcast

The first broadcast has been decided to be on July 10th’s KBS Music Bank.
The title song “I DON’T CARE” and the song “PRETTY BOY” from the mini album will be shown together.

From before, do you remember the opening song from the first time seeing 2NE1 on SBS Inkigayo
Many fans were wondering to know if this could be a song on the mini album
This song is “PRETTY BOY”. ^^ (Has been decided to be performed on the 12th for Inkigayo)

3> 2NE1 TV

Last week, 2NE1 TV was broadcasted for the first time, and has been arranged to broadcast every week on Wednesday on MNET. (You can watch it again on Gom TV)

2NE1 TV has been decided to broadcast for 10 episodes, and similar to Big Bang’s documentary from before, the planning, and all the work of production and investment will be done at YG, we are relying on the capable PD of Mnet.

Since it is a program being produced at YG, starting with me, the YG family members who you haven’t been able to see on regular programs will naturally be participating.
Seems like it’s gonna be interesting.

For the last few years, 2NE1 would come to YG every day to practise, but the relationship between the tough sajangnim and his trainees can be quite distant. As a singer, I can only see those girls’ talents and efforts and each and everyone of their individual personalities, and I know that it must be hard work.

4> 2NE1’s plans for this year

“I Don’t Care”‘s formal broadcasting activities are being planned for until the end of August.
We are currently still debating over whether or not to do followup song activities.

Regardless if there will be activities for the planned followup song “PRETTY BOY”, we have decided to reveal the music video for “PRETTY BOY” at the beginning of August (The director is Seo Hyun Seung, who filmed “Fire”)

2NE1’s formal album release, if we plan to do the follow up song, will be in October.
If we don’t proceed with it, it has been decided that it will be around September,

The songs produced and written by G DRagon for 2NE1 were meant to be included in the next formal album, and thuswill not be included in the mini album.

2NE1’s final target for this year, is try to have an individual concert.
Of course, for rookies who have just debuted, especially for the nations’ female singers, the truth is an individual concert is a dream-like goal, with a lot of obstacles. Even still, in addition to helping singers achieve their dreams, it’s something a producer has to do, and thus I will try not to let go of that hope.

Included in 2NE1’s first mini album are a total of 7 songs…

To make their first album perfect, the 2NE1 members have been working very hard for the past few years.
Also, Teddy, who seems like he’ll be the best producer for the next 10 years, and Kush’s great collaboration… in my greediness for making a good sound, for the last few weeks, even I stayed up late during the mixing and production…

Even though I can’t say that I’m 100% satisfied, I wanted to say that it’s an album where we worked 100% to our best..

For the sake of this album, these guys all worked so hard, and wanting to let the fans completely know this, these words I left today are all I can give.



Whoaa! Alreadyy an album? Pssh. 2NE1 is gonna move fast. LOLL. I can see YG wants them to work hard and to succeed. I really hope they do since I”m a big fan (hence this wordpress blog about them <3 ) Remember in the first paragraph it said “I’ll keep it short” ?. Wells. For me this was kindaa long && far away from short. Hehe


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