] YGTV – Teddy produced “Fire” in 10 min, GD expresses his ♥ for 2NE1

1TYM’s Teddy, who hasn’t appeared on TV for a while, is revealed and explains the birth of 2NE1’s song “fire” entirely, drawing in attention.

Teddy, who made an apperance on the 2nd’s broadcast of cable channel MNET 2NE1TV, said “One day, I was sleeping at the studio, and then suddenly the intro part of Fire started to come into my mind. In only 10minutes, I produced the song.” He also showed the place where he created the loop’s ‘fire’ (and the synthesizer and the MPC he used) for 2NE1’s debut song Fire.

Teddy has made sensational music, last year, starting with Taeyang’s “Only look at me” , Um Jung Hwa’s “DISCO”, Big bang and 2NE1’s “Lollipop” and 2NE1’s “Fire”, etc. He produced with Stony Skunk’s Kush, 2NE1’s new song “I Don’t care” and within 1 day of its release, it seized the music charts.

Director of YG Entertainment Yang Hyunsuk sajang even makes an appearance on television after a long time, and without holding anything back, says “Teddy suddenly stopped being a distant friend and made a lot of hit songs. A friend with a wide range of music. For the time being, Teddy’s doing the best.”

Big Bang leader G Dragon also didn’t hold back any appraisal when it came to talking about 2ne1, revealing his admiration and love.

GDragon lets his great affection for 2NE1 be known, so much that he regularly chooses their accessories by himself (whether its photoshoots or their first broadcast) and even goes to find them on the scene to give them advice.

When talking about his hoobae group 2NE1 from the same company, he says “I’m happy that it seems like a group that can generate excitement has emerged. Every time, and on every stage, its clear that their image keeps on improving.”

Also, on this broadcast, not only is 2NE1’s image of overflowing charisma on stage being shown but these girls’ real new images will be broadcasted, drawing in the excitement of fans. Moreoever, their new song “I Don’t Care’ has been released, continuing their lively activities.

sources: http://www.ibtimes.co.kr/article/news/20090704/6377234.htm
trans: GEE @ ygladies
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