New group ‘Female Norazo’ Go Go Girls gets popular with 2NE1 ‘Fire’ UCC video

There is a female group who has been gaining popularity online amongst netizens for their comical version of UCC video to 2NE1’s ‘Fire’. They are known as the ‘female Norazo’ and are new singers called Go Go Girls.

The group consists of JiNa (22) and SaeRa (23). They will be releasing their new single album produced by big names who also made hits for SS501, Kim Wan Seon etc. The title song to their single album will be ‘Pretty Flowerpot’.

Click “Under The Cut” to see the UCC Video (:

Their company said, “The Go Go Girls will don an image which is enjoyable to the Koreans, different from the cute image that of So Nyeo Shi Dae, KARA, After School and WonderGirls.”


UCC Video:

Wells. Personallyy ii really liked 3NE1 better (: (3NE1 post below) I sincerely hope the best for their upcoming album and best wishes to Go Go Girls. (: LOLL. It was kindaa weird seen that woman’s butt so manyy times. Seriously..ii watched it after watching a JumbaFund video (please subscribe!) && ii was likee “whoaa.” But so qlad 2NE1 inspired them!

2NE1 is lovee <3

-Shoshana (:


~ by ztrehiita on July 4, 2009.

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