Maknae Minji’s feelings for her nickname “Female Dae-Sung”

2NE1 MinJi, “I’m okay with the concept as the female DaeSung”   Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’ which shows the girls and what they do in 24 hours, starting to air from 2nd July, features member MinJi talking about her feelings being said to look alike to Big Bang member DaeSung and to be called the female DaeSung.

In the show, they featured the girls meeting up with the Big Bang members at the end of their music show recording and at the MV filming site for the boys.

After seeing MinJi, DaeSung said, “Recently, I’m sorry to say but we still can’t really see eye to eye. It is still quite awkward for the 2 of us.” Yang Hyun Seok also added, “Our MinJi is the female DaeSung.” causing a wave of laugther in the fiming site.

MinJi responded, “People said we look alike”. And DaeSung said, “MinJi ah, why do you always look like me. You look more outstanding (look better) than me. This must have been quite hurtful for you.” MinJi, “No, we are charming.”

Wells! I don’t know how being compared to Dae-Sung can be an insult..I guess it’s the whole “i’m a girl && you’re comparing me to a boy” issuee. Hehe. Cuz I mean. Dae-Sung is ubeer hot! Meaning Minji is hot too! (Obviouslyy) I bet she makes all of you guys feel like those perverted old guys huh? :P Who wouldn’t? So glad Minji is not unhappyy about this! THEY ARE BOTH HOT! && are extremelyy talented! Pssh. Be happy! :P

-Shoshana (:


~ by ztrehiita on July 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “Maknae Minji’s feelings for her nickname “Female Dae-Sung””

  1. Yes, there is a resemblance between Daesung and Minji. And it’s sad because YG always uses Daesung as an example of the not-so-handsome people from the agency. Minji says it doesnt bother her to be compared to Daesung.. but I know deep inside she probably feels terrible..and cries herself to sleep. :c

  2. i luv big bang so much and there my favorite band ever i love the song number 1 and emotion they are such good song hear it

  3. I dont really find the resemblence… Get well soon my DaeSung!!!
    And go 2ne1 and Big Bang!~!

  4. I love big bang I love your muzic la la la

  5. Great post!

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