New Big Bang MV! Gara Gara Go

So. I know this isn’t about 2NE1 but it’s 2NE1’s big brothers (: They were called the Female Big Bang for sometime ;]]

Here’s the videoo:

I tried to make a comment on the video but it was waay too long so ii had to erase about 3 to 5 sentences (:

here’s my comment:

Big Bang <3
ii lovee how my dae sung is the first in the MV! God.! He’s just so hot.! When has he ever not been this finee? whoaa. && those muscles.! Oh my gee! Pssh. I still can’t believe he was called “unpretty boy”! His rap has gotten better <3

then Seung Ri! I will never stop seeing himas a babyy! That anqelic face of his! And thosee dance moves! Oh god! I swear I screamed when I saw him! His secret smile while singing! And that jacket he was wearing! Amazing

&& GD with his weiird hair do && clothes hehe but making them look so hot! Kindaa dissapointed about his long hair thouqhs ):

&& Tabii with his rap.! oh god.! so amazing! Hehe. Anybody noticed how he smiled while he was dancing? <333333

& of course my bae <3 With his shades & hat! && thosee sick dance moves! And those shirts he wears that bring out his muscles! Oh my god! It’s frigging amazing
&& their song is so damn catchyy! It’s just likee whoaa Big Bang Rocks Tonight! Big Bang never dissapoints me with their songs! They’re all so talented! I sincerely wish them a lot of luck in the Japan Industry! They’re qonna kill && dominatee!

Big Bang Fighting!

(This is a new and improved comment)

-Shoshana (:


~ by ztrehiita on July 1, 2009.

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