2NE1 in YGLIVE TV along with other artists like Big Bang & Se7En

(This video brings back memories from YG Family times. The song. All the YG Artists together (: )

“2NE1, Jeongyuk Haeboo*?” … MNet’s YGLive Show Name

YG Entertainment, bringing celebrities like Se7en, also Big Bang, and 2NE1 finally removes their veil and releases a show.

Cable music channel, Mnet and YG collaborate to produce the reality program, “YG Live”. The first broadcast will be on July 2nd, and the preview video will be released on the 29th on various internet sites (posted above).

‘YGLive’ is a regular program but occasionally other programs scheduled for different times may overlap it with short videos.

Netizens are listening to the news and can’t hide away their excitement. The reason for this: Headed by Yang Hyunsuk, Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1, etc. and celebs associated with YG, will be broadcasting together with participants(?) who will be able to meet them.

However, amongst the YG artists, Se7en, Big Bang, etc are doing activities overseas, thus it is assumed that YG Live is to be focused on 2NE1. Fans who are interested in seeing their real lives (since they don’t appear on broadcasts much) speculate that YG Live will be a great gift.

Also, YG Live is being produced by the PD Choi Jaeyoon (producer of “Lee Hyori’s Off the Record”, “I’m a Model”, etc.) who has received a lot of love from viewers adds to the anticipation.

Article Credit: naver.com


~ by ztrehiita on June 30, 2009.

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