2NE1 at Inkigayo 6.28.09 performing “Fire” for the last time

Hehe. okay. So it’s not the last time but! It is the last time they will be performing Fire to advertise the song. It was their last performance and it took place in Inkigayo.! && wow! It was amazing!

They added some new dance moves from their Space Version MV like that octavol arms things! This was their best performance yet! I was flipping out! Seriously. But I’m still wondering how CL could dance in those tight pants! They were really cutee thouqhs.  And when Bom took out those 21 cards! That girl is gorgeous with everything she does!! Minji was of course reppin the whole dancing performance! That girl is so flexible and when the camera shakes while she’s dancing! It’s just whoa.

And our Dara darling! LOLL I have to say. I’m still in love with that palm tree hairstylee ever since I saw it on Lollipop MV! It’s like her signature hairstyle! And like always. She brought out her best!

This was the last performance and it was the best so far! I could see the girls were really having fun! Smiling throughout the whole performance!

Can’t wait until their single “I Don’t Care?” is released on July 1st.!

Want CL’s oh so hot pants? Check out http://k-styleblog.blogspot.com/ for all the info about CL’s hot style! As well as the rest of 2NE1!


~ by ztrehiita on June 30, 2009.

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